Never backpedal

8 Aug

I just received a brand new credit card in the mail. I didn’t apply for it. The payment card company welcomed me into their membership, telling me I had been “prequalified”, i.e. they had just given me the opportunity to try their service, while saving me the trouble of actually applying for it.

This notion of “prequalifying” is intriguing. It tries to flatter me (“Hey, you qualify for our exclusive membership!”) but it also shoves something down my throat that I didn’t ask for.

In fact, it intrigues me so much that I think I will be cancelling the card tomorrow.

Just as intriguing as “prequalification” is the practice of “pre-rejection”, which men here seem to like to foist on the women they date.

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Help for the needy

11 Jul
Animals do it better.

Animals do it better.

“When interacting with people, don’t focus so much on what that person can do for you. Instead, think about what you might be able to do for them.

“It’s the difference between coming to someone with hat in hand, and coming to them with a helping hand.”

I recently came across these words on the web. While I can’t trace their exact origin, I agree with it wholeheartedly.

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What if you’ve tried your best?

14 Jun

Consolation is a lot like praise: it’s makes sense only if it’s given by others. If others praise you regularly, it’s because they recognised your effort or ability. But if you praise yourself regularly, it’s just obnoxious.

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Do you prefer hot women? Or nice women?

1 Jun

Many people have trouble knowing what they want in a relationship.

Heck, many men have trouble knowing what they want in a relationship. If you ask them, they’d just say something generic. Like they just want a nice girl. Or a hot girl. If you ask them what they think would makes a good relationship, you’d get a bunch of nouns. “Companionship.” “Mutual understanding.” Maybe, “Sex.” Continue reading

Cut back on those take-out dinners

20 Apr

You’ve probably heard about the idea of “dating yourself”. You know–dressing up, putting on cologne, driving yourself to a nice restaurant to have a decent dinner–the kind of things people usually do when in the company of a beautiful partner. Except it’s by yourself.

I know, it sounds pathetic.

Except, it’s actually not pathetic. I think everyone should do it. Continue reading