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How to talk to women (when they are busy running)

22 Sep

WordPress’s Freshly Pressed page recently featured a funny, well-illustrated article on how to greet fellow runners when you’re out jogging. I thought it was a funny way to frame the subject of how to talk to strangers, something that so many dating gurus seem to be obsessed with.

There’s so much advice out there on how to talk to a woman when her attention is obviously elsewhere–something which I feel is the exact opposite of being socially aware.

Saying Hi to women is not a hard thing to do–provided that’s all you’re trying to do. If you think it’s hard to think of chat-up lines when you’re running, imagine how hard it is for a woman to feel flattered she’s running!


Never backpedal

8 Aug

I just received a brand new credit card in the mail. I didn’t apply for it. The payment card company welcomed me into their membership, telling me I had been “prequalified”, i.e. they had just given me the opportunity to try their service, while saving me the trouble of actually applying for it.

This notion of “prequalifying” is intriguing. It tries to flatter me (“Hey, you qualify for our exclusive membership!”) but it also shoves something down my throat that I didn’t ask for.

In fact, it intrigues me so much that I think I will be cancelling the card tomorrow.

Just as intriguing as “prequalification” is the practice of “pre-rejection”, which men here seem to like to foist on the women they date.

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Help for the needy

11 Jul
Animals do it better.

Animals do it better.

“When interacting with people, don’t focus so much on what that person can do for you. Instead, think about what you might be able to do for them.

“It’s the difference between coming to someone with hat in hand, and coming to them with a helping hand.”

I recently came across these words on the web. While I can’t trace their exact origin, I agree with it wholeheartedly.

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Don’t talk to yourself while you’re talking to a woman

30 Dec

While dating involves both the man and the woman, women’s and men’s perspectives are usually quite different. While it’s useful to get a woman’s take on dating issues, their advice shouldn’t be taken at face value.

Take this article for example: “How can I tell men I just want to be friends and not date them?” (Read it first before you continue.)

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