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The ‘things’ person vs. the ‘people’ person

13 Dec

What do the braggart, the enthusiast, and the bore have in common?

One: They are top on the list of dates that women dread.

Two: They’re what I call ‘things’ people—people who are interested in things, not people.

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The first date is not a job interview

5 Dec

Women are frequent victims of the “interview” date. Men will often spend the entire date asking… questions. Where you live, what’s your job, what’s your favourite book/movie/author/country/shade of purple, etc.

If you’ve ever foisted an interview date on a woman, you should know you’ve probably bored her. You might even have met someone who took offence at your attempt conversation, because they thought you were being nosey. And I think she’s justified to think that way. Not because such questions are too personal to be asked, but because you had no art in conversation.

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