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What’s your rite of passage?

18 Jan

There’re a number of things in this country that can be considered rites of passage for men: the consumption of alcohol (18 years), watching movies classified as Restricted (21 years), completing National Service (about 21-22 years), and completing tertiary education (about 24-27 years). National Service, in particular, is presented in media and propaganda as the dividing line between boyhood into adulthood. Anecdotally, women here (i.e. mothers and girlfriends) seem to accept this.

Yet we know many men who feel lost and unsure about their place in society, even after they have formally graduated into it. We’re supposed to be there, but we don’t feel it. Continue reading


Sexual tension: Do you see it?

27 Dec

Scene from House M.D. Copyright (c) FOX

When I got my first job as a journalist, one of the things I had to learn was how to interview people for stories. My editor, who was conducting the training, told us that if the interviewed subject was of the opposite sex, we should take advantage of the sexual tension and ride with it.

That was the first week on my first job, and I didn’t know what he was talking about. I wouldn’t understand it for years after that. If I did, I think, my dating life would have been much easier. Continue reading