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Create space for your date

2 Mar

Let’s face it. Dating is harrowing business for most men and women. We all know the anxiety-inducing–undignified, even–feeling of sitting with a stranger across a table, wondering what she thinks of us.

Much as we try to accept it as a necessary evil of dating, no one likes the feeling of being judged for every word one says and every emotion on one’s face.

Except, this anxiety is not a necessary evil.

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Be yourself, no matter what they say

5 Jan

One of the deepest contradictions about dating advice is that there’s so much of it, yet women are constantly complaining about men not “being themselves”. What did your date mean when she told you, “Just be yourself”? Obviously she didn’t mean, “I like you the way you are.” If she’s found you attractive by “being yourself”, what’s she complaining about?

On the surface, "Be yourself" runs contrary with the reality that many men really need to polish up their social skills. Going deeper, however, it’s talking about a truth that many men need to learn.

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Don’t talk to yourself while you’re talking to a woman

30 Dec

While dating involves both the man and the woman, women’s and men’s perspectives are usually quite different. While it’s useful to get a woman’s take on dating issues, their advice shouldn’t be taken at face value.

Take this article for example: “How can I tell men I just want to be friends and not date them?” (Read it first before you continue.)

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